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Purolator EFP - A Legacy of Excellence for Over 40 Years

From our inception over four decades ago to today, our legacy has been defined by the value we provide with our engineered filtration products. We do this by actively listening to our customer’s needs, then transforming those needs into filtration products that provide unmatched, quality, performance, and value. Whether it be in the challenges associated with the manufacture of chemical fibers, virgin and engineered polymers, or recycled polymers- we deliver filtration solutions to meet those challenges.

Though the foundation of our legacy was wire cloth products, we now provide solutions based on many types of stainless steel filter media, including non-woven fiber metal felt, shattered metal powder, sintered wire cloth laminates, and sintered metal powder media. While others can supply some of this media as well, our extensive applications experience guides us to the when, why, and where to use these media in combination with each other, thereby maximizing the value we deliver to our customers.