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This is Purolator EFP

Profile Highlights:
  • Two US manufacturing sites and one Chinese manufacturing plant
  • Two distribution sites: US, Canada
  • Dedicated sales team of field experts in extrusion (specialist in Polymer filtration)
  • Largest in house tooling department in the United States; all tooling is designed and built in house
  • ISO certification...ISO 9002
  • Purolator EFP has a long working relationship with its mills. The benefits of these associations are passed on to you, providing you with better quality, shorter lead times and controlled costs. We believe in long term relationships.
  • Geographic location - North Carolina for fibers and Texas for plastics
  • Full line of filter media products
  • Duplicate tooling for majority of specifications, contingency plans for natural disasters, no shut downs
  • Backed by CLARCOR a dedicated professional filter company, the market leader

How does it all fit together?

Purolator EFP is a member of Purolator Advanced Filtration (PAF), of CLARCOR.

CLARCOR is a global supplier of filtration products and services with a worldwide customer base, superb product quality, leading brands, an extensive distribution network, the industry's broadest product line, and its largest sales force.

Scroll down to read about each division of Purolator Advanced Filtration, and find links to their sites.

Purolator EFP

Locations in Houston, TX; Shelby, NC; St. Catharines, Ontario Canada; and Dalton, GA.

Purolator EFP is the market leader and most comprehensive supplier of polymer filtration products to the industry. We are also a leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of specialty wire cloth parts for the automotive, electronics, and consumer markets.

Products offered include:
  • Polymer Extruder and Pack Screens...Single and multiple-layer extruder and pack screens precisely matched to each customer's filtration specifications.
  • Spot Weld Packs...Screens are resistance welded together at precise points, avoiding disturbance of polymer flow.
  • Custom Fabrication...Full line capability to design, test, and manufacture specialized parts.
  • Framed Packs...Framed packs utilize a seamless frame - typically of aluminum, copper, or stainless steel - to contain a specific filter pack combination.
  • Extended Area Screen Packs...Extended area screen packs are manufactured with multiplelayers of precision-woven wire cloth and/or non-woven fiber metal felt, pleated to provide greater surface area than a flat screen pack.
  • Cylinders, Top Hats, and Conical-Style Screens and Filters...Purolator EFP manufactures all sizes and shapes of screens and filters, from single-layer to sophisticated multi-layer, low micron-rated filters.
  • Shattered Metal Filter Media...Purolator EFP is the exclusive North American distributor of shattered metal filter media produced by Ametek for removing gels from the polymer extrusion process.
  • Mott Sintered Metal Powder Filters...Purolator EFP is the exclusive North American distributor of sintered powder products manufactured by the Mott Corporation.
  • Air Quench Filter Media...The Purolator EFP Engineered Filtration Products group supplies air quench filter media to improve synthetic fiber spinning performance. This media is specifically tailored to meet the needs of each application and is available in plain or sintered wire cloth as well as sintered metal powder.

Houston, TX Facility
Houston, TX Facility

 Shelby, NC Facility
Shelby, NC Facility

Purolator Facet, Inc.

Located in Greensboro, NC.Greensboro, NC Facility

Division web site address:

Purolator Facet, Inc. is a creative engineering and manufacturing organization offering fluid mechanics and porous media technology to address specific needs for diverse markets. A host of custom and standard products is available for fluid filtration, fluidization, acoustic attenuation, separation, transpiration cooling and many other applications.

Purolator Facet manufactures and designs filters, elements, indicators, switches, scavenge lube oil kits, cabin air filters, and acoustic media for the aerospace and industrial hydraulic markets.

Cleanable stainless steel elements, self-cleaning filters, fluidizing media, filter septa tubes and high temperature gas filters are manufactured for use in chemical processing, power generation, and industrial applications. In addition, Purolator Facet offers diffusion bonded (sintered) sand control screens for oil well completion. Specialized Dahl valves are custom designed for industrial and marine applications. Purolator Facet specializes in custom designed filtration for OEM applications.

DYNAPORE® Porous Metal Products
Purolator Facet's Dynapore® diffusion-bonded products comprise porous metals such as sintered wire mesh, multi-layer mesh laminates, powder metal, and non-woven fiber metal felt; as well as non-porous structures such as our Foil-Mesh™ materials, or custom laminates of metal foils with reticulated metal foams. Dynapore® products are available as-produced in standard size sheets, or fabricated into cylinders, cones or other shapes with welded fittings, flanges, or connectors. For certain applications such as filtration or fluidization, standard formulations have been developed with specific uniform pore sizes or controlled permeability.

DYNAPORE® Filter Plate Laminates...The Ideal Filtration Media
TWM™, BWM™, and "Perf Plate" filtration media are an extremely useful class of diffusion-bonded laminates that feature substantial mechanical strength and precise filtration characteristics. These materials are typically used in filter plate assemblies for both chemical and pharmaceutical filtration

MPP™ "Micro-Perforated Plate"
The low cost alternative to expensive photo-etched media.

DYNAPORE® Fluidizing Media for Bulk Powder Handling and Processing
The Ideal Choice for Fluidized Material Handling

LFM™, HFM™, and PCM™ controlled permeability media is the superior choice for your fluidized material handling needs.

LWD™ Stainless Steel Filter Discs
Dynapore® porous metal laminates are constructed of one or more layers of carefully selected stainless steel wire mesh, laminated by precision sintering (diffusion bonding) and calendering. Sintering utilizes molecular diffusion to produce homogeneous metal bonds at each point of metal contact, including the wire crossover points within individual layers, as well as the contact points between each layer. The resultant monolithic structure is permanently bonded and has highly uniform porosity.

SWM™ Sintered Wire Mesh Filter Elements
SWM™ filters were developed to replace poorly performing sintered porous metal, wedge-wire, string wound and other types of cartridges. In many instances, flow rates may be dramatically improved without compromising filtration efficiency. In other instances, frequency of downtime for element cleaning and replacement may be sharply reduced, resulting in savings which can far outweigh initial retrofit costs.

SPM™ Maximum Performance Sintered Porous Metals
Purolator Facet produces media equivalent to conventional pre-compressed porous metals, but with a proprietary compaction procedure which does not require the use of any binders whatsoever. Our "C"-Series porous metals are identical to industry standard materials, including 40, 20, 10, 5, 2, 1, 0.5 and 0.2 micron grades, but they are produced without any risk of carburization or susceptibility to intergranular attack. If you simply want a direct exact replacement of an existing conventional medium, our "C"-Series will do the job!

SFM™ Sintered Non-Woven Fiber Metal Felt
Superior Quality SFM™ Sintered Fiber Metal, The Ideal Choice for Depth Filtration. Purolator Facet's SFM™ sintered non-woven fiber metal felts are ideal for applications requiring depth media. While some filtration systems may employ periodic onstream backwashing to remove contaminant buildup, the demands of other applications require maximum on stream life between cleanings. This is particularly true in the filtration of viscous molten plastics, from monomers to polymers, where backwash is impractical and downtime very costly. Our SFM™ media are the classic choice for pleated tubular polymer candle filters and high pressure leaf discs.

Fuel Cells
Dynapore® porous metal laminates have found successful application in the emerging fuel cell technology market in the thermal management, flow distribution, membrane support and current collection components of the fuel cell stack. Dynapore® materials are an attractive alternative to traditional fuel cell stack materials due to Dynapore®'s unique set of properties.

Product Trade Names:
AXI-FLOW® Air Flow Cleaner
DAHL® manually operated valves, manifolds
METALEDGE® Wire Would Filter Element and Assembly
MICRODELTA® Differential Pressure Indication Devices
MICROFIL® Impregnated Composite Fiber Pleated Filters
MICROLOX® Sintered Bronze Porous Media and Filters
MICROMESH® Woven Wire Cloth Porous Media and Filters
MICROPLEAT® Impregnated Cellulose Pleated Filters
POROBON® Porous Plastic Filters
POROFELT® Diffusion Bonded Fiber Metal Felt Porous Media and Filters
POROLOY® Diffusion Bonded Wire Porous Media and Filters
POROMAX® Sand Control Screens
POROMESH® Diffusion Bonded Wire Cloth Porous Media and Filters
POROMET® Stainless Steel Filter and Element
POROPLATE® Diffusion Bonded Wire Cloth Laminate and Composite
POROPLUS® Sand Control Screens
ZENITH® Fluid Filters of the Surface Filtration Type
MICRODEPTH™ Impregnated Composite Fiber Porous Depth Media and Filters
POROGUARD™ Diffusion Bonded Wound Wire Absolute Rated Porous Media and Filters
POROSTRAND™ Diffusion Bonded Wound Wire Porous Media and Filter