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Screen Pack Data Form

Having the right screen pack for your process can save money, reduce downtime and assure consistent product quality. As the industry leader in screen pack manufacture, Purolator EFP wants to make sure your screen packs have the best combination of design features, media and operational efficiency to give the results you require.

The form below is your invitation to tell us about your current screen packs, your production and any problems you may be having. Purolator EFP engineers will review the data you supply and come back to you with recommendations. Only a few of the fields are required, and they are indicated with a red asterisk (*). Any information you can provide will help us identify the best solution for your requirement.

Customer Data

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Process Data

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 Maximum Pressure
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 Number of packs online

 Typical on-stream life

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  Note such things as mesh type(s), number of layers, etc.

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