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Hot Gas Filters

Purolator EFP offers a range of gas filtration systems, based on the unique advantages of Porofelt® sintered porous metal fiber filter elements. Our filter systems are used in high temperature and/or corrosive chemical and petrochemical processes, for gas/solid filtration of process and waste gases. Porofelt® elements offer an alternative for existing filtration systems, such as ceramic based systems in situations where a lower pressure drop, easy cleaning, high mechanical stability and chemical & heat resistance are required.

Features and benefits include:
  1. Low pressure drop. The high porosity (up to 85%) of our metal fiber filter media allows a very low pressure drop, even at high filtration velocities.
  2. Ease of cleaning. The open structure of porous metal media makes it possible to clean insitu by back-pulsing. These elements are ideal for CIP cleaning in batch processes. In case of static filters, the elements are cleaned off-line.
  3. High strength. The sintering process creates strong fiber bonds and guarantees a high-strength filter medium. Combined with an appropriate inner core, Porofelt® filter elements can withstand thermal shock, high pressures, and frequent back-pulsing.
  4. Heat & corrosion resistance. Our filter elements can be used in high temperature and/or corrosive applications, where non-metallic textile or polymer products fail.
  5. Flexible design. Filter design can easily be adapted to customer requirements. Can be used for surface filtration or depth filtration. Our filter media makes it possible to achieve high efficiencies through a cake build-up (surface filtration), and also offers a high dirt holding capacity for depth particle capture (depth filtration).
  6. Several alloys available. Depending on the required performance, a proper alloy is selected to provide the required resistance and strength. Available alloys include 316L stainless steel, Inconel® 601, FeCrAlloy®, and Alloy HR (Hastelloy®).

Porofelt® Non-Woven Filter Media
Porofelt® Non-Woven Filter Media

Typical Hot Gas Filter System
Typical Hot Gas Filter System