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Air Quench Products

Poroplate® air quench media are a proprietary media design featuring multiple layers of diffusion-bonded wire mesh. These precision-woven wire mesh media are aligned at calculated angles to produce thousands of microscopic pores. The result is a uniform flow pattern for quench cabinet air. The rigid Poroplate® media retain their uniform pore structure during virtually any quench operating condition.

Poroplate® air quench media are available in flat sheet form for cross-flow quenching, or tubular form for radial quench applications. Three standard porosity grades are available, as well as custom flow profiles for more demanding applications.

Features & Benefits

Alignment at calculated angles.
The precision-woven wire mesh air quench medial are aligned in such a way as to produce thousands of microscopic pores for uniform air flow to the filament bundle. Air flow surges and jets are eliminated, resulting in more uniform fiber properties and reduced breaks.

Stainless steel (304L) construction.
The corrosion-resistant stainless steel media is capable of operating at high temperatures without distortion or change in porosity. Media is easily cleaned for repeated use.

All layers of wire mesh media are permanently bonded at every point of contact through a proprietary diffusion-bonding process to form a rigid and durable quench media. Pore size and structure are maintained, resulting in a predictable flow profile throughout the life of the media.

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