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Cleaning Tools & Supplies

These brushes and other tools are used to clean the barrels, tools, dies and other pieces of equipment that come into contact with polymer. Copper is primarily used in a gauze or pad form because it is not as abrasive to the parts and equipment and will not damage critical surfaces such as the barrel ID.

Purolator EFP Provides cleaning brushes and related tools in the following styles:
  • Knot Wheel Brushes
  • Crimped Wire Wheel Brushes
  • Cup Brushes
  • Small Angular Grinder Brushes
  • Copper Center Wheel Brushes
  • Stem Mounted Brushes
  • Power & Hand Tube Brushes
  • Flue & Boiler Brushes
  • Brass Non-Scratching Brushes
  • Cleaning & Application Brushes
  • Hand Scratch Brushes
  • Abrasive Nylon Filament Brushes
  • Miscellaneous items including nylon scratch pads, surface conditioning discs, abrasive flap wheels, grinding/cutting discs, mandrels, adapters and much more

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Learn more about the full line of brushes and cleaning tools by downloading our complete catalog. (PDF; 42 pages; 1MB)