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Wire Screen Cylinders

  • Single or Multiple layers of wire woven cloth welded to form a cylinder.
    • Plain steel mesh
    • Stainless steel wire woven cloth
    • Alloys available: Inconel®, Monel®, Hastelloy®
    • Other woven cloths in brass, copper, or galvanized steel
  • Wide variety of weaves
  • Spot welded or seam welded to specification
  • Sizes are compatible with Alpine, Werner Phleider, and other OEM equipment
  • Available micron ratings range from 2 - 200
  • Etching available for mesh/size identification
  • Ultrasonic cleaning available for applications with cleanliness specifications
  • Packaged to customer specifications
  • Largest manufacturing capability of cylinders in North America
  • Blanket orders and stocking programs available