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Extended Area Screen Packs

The Purolator EFP Engineered Filtration Products group offers a wide range of filtration products designed to meet the performance needs of polymer and fiber producers.

In addition to traditional flat screen packs, Purolator EFP manufactures extended area screen packs for applications where pack life is a primary consideration. These extended area screen packs are manufactured with multiple layers of precision woven wire cloth and/or non-woven fiber metal felt. This media is pleated to provide much more surface area than a flat screen pack. Media type, pleat height, and pleat spacing are determined after careful consultation with the user. Flow rate, viscosity, pressure drop and desired pack life are among the items that are typically considered.

Available ratings range from 2 - 200 microns for woven wire cloth and 3 - 75 microns for non-woven fiber metal felt.


  • Increase in surface of 3-3.5X over flat screen
  • Proven increases in pack life of 3x over flat screens
  • Increased production because of fewer interruptions
  • Reduced initial pressure drop
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Ability to filter finer particles
  • Improved product quality
close up of pleat

extended area screen packs

Literature Sheet

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Want to learn more? Download our two-page literature sheet pertaining to Extended Area Screen Packs. (PDF, 2-pages, 501KB)

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