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Framed Packs

  • Multiple layers of wire woven cloth encapsulated in an aluminum binding
    • Plain steel mesh
    • Stainless steel wire woven cloth
    • Alloys available: Inconel®, Monel®, Hastelloy®
    • Other woven cloths in brass, copper, or galvanized steel
  • Wide variety of weaves
  • Banding material is available in a variety of thicknesses, band widths, and materials (stainless steel)
  • Framed packs reduce changeout time due to easier and safer handling, and improved sealing
  • Rigid form helps control the flatness of the pack improving sealing and consistency of product
  • Sizes are compatible with OEM Screen Changers
  • Available ratings range from 2 - 200 microns
  • Color coding available for mesh identification
  • Reversible packs to prevent improper installation
  • Ultrasonic cleaning available for applications with cleanliness specifications
  • Packaged to customer specifications
  • Most common sizes in stock, available in 2 days, call for availability
  • Largest manufacturing capability of screen packs in North America

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