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Polymer Candle Filters

For high-temperature, high pressure polymer processing applications.

For over 30 years, Purolator has been the recognized leader in porous metal filtration technology. With a variety of porous metal media to choose from, Purolator has met the stringent needs of customers in the polymer processing, aerospace, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, and nuclear power industries. Purolator offers you both standard and custom-made equipment to perfectly match your quality, productivity, handling and maintenance requirements. The best filter media and the most appropriate filter elements will be used in our monomer, pre-polymer or polymer filter systems. Challenge us and we will find the unique solution for your specific application.

Features & Benefits

Laser-Marked End Fittings
Each element is permanently laser-marked for ease of identification and traceability.

304L/316L Stainless Steel Media
All elements are made from 304L or 316L stainless steel filter media. They are ideal for repeated cleaning cycle temperatures up to 850° F and highly corrosive applications.

Extended Filtration Area
Computer modeling optimizes the number of pleats and pleat height to maximize the filtering surface area. In fact, pleated elements have over 3-4x the filtering area as cylindrical elements. This means lower differential pressures, greater dirt-holding capacity and longer on-stream life.

Quality Control
Every polymer filter element is bubble-point and air flow tested prior to shipment to ensure product integrity and performance.

Media Choices

poromesh media

Poromesh® media.
Multiple layers of diffusion-bonded wire cloth are pleated to maximize filter area and on-stream life. Poromesh media capture contaminants on the upstream surface of the filter element, where it is easily cleaned or back-flushed.

porofelt media

Porofelt® media.
Microscopic, stainless steel fibers are random-laid and sintered in our proprietary diffusion bonding process. These media are then supported between two or more layers of wire cloth and pleated. Porofelt depth media traps particles deep within its complex pore structure. Porofelt elements provide finer filtration, with optimum dirt- holding capacity and permeability.

poroplate media

Poroplate® media.
A self-supporting medium made from multiple layers of woven wire cloth, sintered into a rigid, porous metal structure. Poroplate elements are cylindrical, surface type filters that are perfect for back- flushing and repeated cleaning. Because Poroplate elements are self- supporting, expensive filter support cores are eliminated.

polymer candle filters

polymer candle filters close-up