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Polymer Leaf Disc Filters

Constructed from sintered wire cloth laminates or sintered non-woven fiber metal felt media, these polymer leaf disc filters are the product of choice for polymer film and specialty polymer producers. The unique design and configuration of the leaf disc assembly maximizes the effective filtration area while minimizing the residence time of the polymer itself, thereby reducing the risk of polymer degradation.

Features & Benefits

Available Media and Micron Ratings
Porofelt® diffusion-bonded fiber metal felt depth media are available from 3µ - 60µ absolute. Poroplate® sintered wire cloth media is available from 10µ- 200µ absolute.

Materials/Method of Construction
Polymer leaf discs are available in 316L stainless steels and other alloys. These alloys, combined with our advanced construction/welding methods, result in excellent corrosion resistance and a useful life of many cycles.

Sizes & Center Hub Designs
  • Standard diameters are 7”, 10”, and 12”.
  • Standard hub designs are hard, soft, and semi-hard.

polymer leaf disc filters