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Shattered Metal Media

Purolator EFP now offers its own brand of shattered metal filter media under the PUROMETAL™ name. This specialty media is highly effective in removing gels from the polymer extrusion process.

Because of its unique shape and particle sizes, shattered metal can provide filtration characteristics unlike any other media. Optimum spin pack performance can be achieved through the proper selection of powder size, alloy and bed depth. Careful consideration must also be given to the companion filter media used to ensure that each media compliments the metal powder and contributes to the overall performance of the spin pack.

Metal powder selection
Shattered metal powder is most often used in polyester and nylon applications where the shearing of gels is critical. This gel removal is made possible by the near razor-sharp edges and high degree of tortuosity of the powder. The powder also serves as a pack body volume reducer to limit polymer residence time and the risk of polymer degradation.

shattered metal media image