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Sintered Laminate Packs

Poroplate® screen packs are multi-layer composites of woven wire mesh and/or fiber metal felt. These media composites are diffusion-bonded for high-pressure polymer filtration applications.

Poroplate® screen packs are used in a variety of applications including polymer film, fiber and bulk resin filtration. In addition to standard discs and rectangular shapes, custom configurations such as conical screen packs are also available.

Poroplate® screen packs are typically recommended for filtration ratings from 5µ - 40µ. Fiber metal felt media are typically included in screen packs rated at 5µ - 40µ as a means of enhancing gel retention or increasing screen pack onstream life.

typical screen packs poroplate screen packs
Wires in typical screen packs can shift under pressure resulting in reduced filtration. In Poroplate® screen packs, each wire is permanently bonded in place at every contact point.

Features & Benefits

No porosity change.

Poroplate® screen packs are metallurgically bonded at every wire contact point, preventing wire movement under high pressures. The result is consistent, reliable filtration with no media migration or wire movement at high pressures. Wire in conventional mesh screen packs may shift under pressure, resulting in increased pore size.

Longer life.

Poroplate® media retain their pore structure at high pressures. This enables the user to operate at higher pressures without the risk of media migration or wire movement. When fiber metal felt is used in Poroplate® media, onstream life can be increased by a factor of 2 -3 times that of conventional wire mesh media.

Enhanced gel removal.

The permanent pore structure of Poroplate® media ensures that gels are retained in the media. Bypassing of gels because of wire mesh pore instability is eliminated. The addition of fiber metal felt enhances the gel removal properties of Poroplate® media and eliminates fiber breaks during spinning.

Low pressure drop.

Compared with loose powder or sintered metal powder material, Poroplate® media have 2 -3 times lower pressure drop at equivalent micron ratings. This results in longer pack life and less frequent pack maintenance.

Increased dirt-holding capacity.

Poroplate® fiber metal felt media have 2 -3 times higher dirt-holding capacity than conventional wire mesh media. Pack life is maximized, resulting in less downtime.

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